Are you moving home or business location?

Are you moving house or changing business location? Pacific Blue can ensure that your energy is connected when you need it.

If you're moving into a new property or business location, we can process same-day connections. However, if you would like your existing site disconnected, we require four business days' notice before you plan on making the move.

If you have a basic meter, a physical visit is required, meaning your distributor will visit the property to get you connected. In this scenario, we will contact the relevant distributor in your area, on your behalf.

About Pacific Blue Fees and Charges

A fee is charged by distributors in each state for the disconnection and connection of your energy. These fees largely depend on your location and are beyond the control of Pacific Blue. You will be able to see any connection fees, which will be including on your first bill from Pacific Blue.

For further information on the charges that are applicable to you, please visit our Additional Charges page.

Examples of additional fees that may apply to you include:

  • After-hours connections
  • Requesting special meter reads; and,
  • Disconnection of power, or requesting a final read when moving out of a property

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