Why is my energy bill higher than I expected?

Getting a higher-than-expected energy bill can be an unpleasant surprise, but it can happen to anyone. To help you understand why this might occur and how to avoid it happening again, we have compiled some useful tips below.

Here are some reasons why your energy bills might be higher than usual:

  1. Time of the Year: Your energy usage can vary depending on the season. During the cooler months, you may use heating appliances more frequently, and during the warmer months, you may use cooling appliances like air conditioners more often. As a Pacific Blue customer, you can monitor your electricity usage by logging in or registering in "My Account".
  2. Changes in household: If you've been working from home or have had guests stay over, your energy usage could increase. More people in the household equates to more energy being used.  
  3. Supply period: Your bill may be higher than expected because you have been billed for a longer period. Your invoice will rarely be the exact number of days as the previous one, and you can check the supply period on your Pacific Blue bill. Delayed invoices may also occur, resulting in a higher bill.
  4. Appliances: If a new appliance has been purchased recently, or you've installed a new heating or cooling system, it may be consuming more power than your previous appliances. For businesses or companies, purchasing additional tools or equipment can also lead to higher energy consumption.

Tools for monitoring and controlling your energy spending

One way to reduce your energy bill is by using newer and up-to-date appliances that are typically more energy-efficient than older models. However, it is important to note that this may not always be the case. To get a better idea of the running costs associated with using your appliances, you can use the following website: https://www.energyrating.gov.au/calculator

Another effective way to understand and control your electricity usage is by using Powerpal. This device allows you to monitor how your energy usage changes as you turn on and off appliances in your home, providing you with the information you need to better control your energy usage. To learn more about Powerpal, visit: https://www.powerpal.net/


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